‚ÄčAs a young student, Diana's middle school music teacher was the first to notice and discover the smooth composition and unusual depth of her voice. She was accepted in Plovdiv's School For Musical And Artistic Talents, where she learned to play the piano and performed in a musical trio.  In 2004 seeking opportunities,. Her open personality, and the unique sound of her voice, got her immediately noticed and she started performing with different bands in multiple venues around the Chicagoland area.
Throughout her performing career Diana has been privileged to work with numerous talented artists and enjoyed the pleasure of recording many musical covers. It was just recently that she adopted the stage name Diana Jade and started working on original music with a dance-pop twist. Diana has incredible stage presence and is able to get any audience to dance with her energetic performances filled with life, laughter and positive vibes! 


‚ÄčBeginning her musical development from a very early age. She has done a lot of solo work and participated in a 4 girl pop group for over 10 years. Floria started taking part in international singing competitions at the age of 12 and has won multiple first prizes and Grand Prix awards for her captivating stage presence along with her soulful voice. She has recorded and released 4 CD's together with the girl group containing contemporary covers in Bulgarian, English, Spanish and other languages, all full of 4 part harmonies as well as original songs. Floria has now come to the United States to pursue her musical career further more and expand her knowledge and stage experiences.

From 5 years old she started taking piano and vocal lessons,then off to music school and music college (jazz and pop vocal faculty). She sang with jazz bands  with pop style bands in China and now she is here with Jersey girls, continuing her music dream! Iris accomplish our band with "high notes", and positive attitude! She believes that it's all about passion, it's all about work on yourself, and everything is possible!